Let your users easily share revenue.

Collaboration is the key to the future of the creator economy. DeFiNet makes it easy to facilitate collaboration.


Collaboration is the key to a successful creator economy. DeFiNet makes it easier to collaborate.

Web3 Functionality with Web2 Usability

Blockchain is changing the world by increasing security and transparency, but decentralized applications are still not mainstream. DeFiNet brings the blockchain to Web2 applications.

Increase Interoperability

Allow your users to work with users on other platforms. The future is collaboration, not only for individuals, but also for companies.

Retire the myth of individual success

Success is a team sport. Don't force creators to do things on their own. Give them the ability to share their success with those who help them.

About Us

DeFiNet is made up of diverse talents from all over the world. The future is decentralized and so are we.

Collaboration is key.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable universal participation in the Creator Economy by incentivizing collaboration.

Our Vision

We believe in a world in which everyone can make a living as a creator.